Be Careful Doing Online Research About Your Condition

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Be Careful Doing Online Research About Your Condition

We understand – having a serious disease is terrible, and people want hope. As specialists in liver cancer treatment options in North Texas, one of the things we pride ourselves on is staying abreast of the latest discoveries in the fight against the diseases we treat. No one would be more pleased than us to find a true “miracle cure” for liver cancer or the many other oncological diseases we treat. If such treatments were to be proven and authorized for medical use, we would be the first to recommend them to our patients.

Sadly the Internet is filled with untrue information – “miracle cures” that turn out to present false hope to people, not hope founded in objective fact. And we have to tell patients who find these false hopes the truth. We don’t blame them for wanting to find something that can make their cancer go away overnight, but until such treatments are proven to exist, we have to recommend the best interventional radiology procedures we know about. Many of them would have been considered “miracle cures” only a few years ago, back in the days when only invasive surgeries were seen as viable treatments for cancer.

At MTVIR, we actually encourage our patients to educate themselves on their conditions and the procedures used to treat them. If you find something interesting somewhere else on the Internet that you feel is relevant to your condition and you want to know our opinion about it, just ask us by giving us a call directly. We’ll tell you the truth, as we know it. That’s just what we do. And that’s one of the reasons we’re trusted, and considered some of the best interventional radiology doctors in Dallas.

To learn more about MTV IR’s innovative cancer treatment options follow this link Interventional Oncology.

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