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The Best Liver Therapies for the Best Chance of a Cure

The specialists at MTV IR evaluate every patient to determine a treatment plan that allows the best chance for a cure. This is especially true for patients with cancer that has originated in or has spread to the liver.

Among other treatment options, the top liver cancer therapy center in Dallas offers a number of liver-directed therapies that are explicitly directed at the tumors in the liver, to shrink or eliminate them. These therapies are often useful because they enable us to focus treatment precisely on the areas that require them (the tumors), and avoid many of the drawbacks of more systemic treatments.

A New Form of Primary Cancer Care

Techniques such as bland embolization can be used in conjunction with other treatments to shrink tumors before surgery or control blood loss. It can provide a primary treatment for your cancer if other treatments have failed or you are not a candidate for them.

Other techniques such as chemoembolization can be used to treat liver tumors that cannot be surgically removed because of their location or because there are too many of them. Radioembolization can provide a more focused treatment of liver cancers, without exposing the rest of the body to the radiation. And portal vein embolization can be used as a preparation for surgical resection of the liver. Each of these procedures are discussed in detail in the accompanying sections.

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