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Pain Management

The management of pain is a large part of providing comprehensive care to cancer patients, but is also critical in the treatment of spinal injuries or disorders and many other diseases and conditions. Many of our treatment approaches are state-of-the-art and this is what makes MTVIR the leader in Pain Management in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Minimally Invasive Pain Management

Pain management comprises a large spectrum of procedures that are shared with anesthesiologists and other medical specialists. The areas that MTV IR specializes in are those in which their expertise and experience with minimally-invasive IR procedures are most valuable, such as reducing back pain by accurately delivering epidural steroid injections, or managing shoulder, joint, and knee pain by delivering steroid facet injections to help decrease inflammation in those joints.

Long Term Pain Relief

MTV IR also helps with long-term pain relief through the use of rhyzotomy for back pain, or to provide permanent relief from painful spinal disorders using kyphoplasty and other procedures to stabilize fractures. All of our pain management procedures are done while working closely with our referring physicians – all specialists in their respective fields – to determine the right sequence of treatments, from minimally-invasive to invasive.

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