Success at JourneyFit expo

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Success at JourneyFit expo

MTV IR had a blast at JourneyFit's health & Wellness Expo

Two words…Awesome Time! JourneyFit’s expo is truly an event to attend. Great time, great people, and a wealth of information from the influencers and trainers. From hosted unique workouts, to massages, to spiritual discussions and other activities the expo was a hit.

If you’ve never heard of JourneyFit you’re in for a treat. These gals (and guys too!) know how to rock a workout. If you are interested in JourneyFit and what they have to offer, go to their website here and check them out.

MTV IR is blessed to be able to join such a great organzation and discuss how vascular health affects your overall health. Ladies, if you’ve ever experienced symptoms of uterine fibroids we can help. MTV IR specializes in a non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedure called uterine fibroid embolization. This procedure specifically targets the fibroids and is quick, efficient, and painless. Unlike the dreaded hysterectomy, with a UFE procedure, your uterus stays intact for future pregnancies. In most cases you’re home the same day as the procedure and your back in action within a few days.

To find out more on our UFE procedure go here or simply contact us for a free consultation here

If you would like to learn more, request a consultation and speak with one of our physicians.

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